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The tyreworld shop includes a large number of tyres at any time, which can be delivered in a short time through our excellent shipping network. You can also become part of the network and offer your tyres through our platform.

Wholesale Dortmund

Our own warehouse in Dortmund has a stock level of about 100,000 tyres of various brands, which are immediately ready for dispatch. Our own stock enables us to react quickly to enquiries and, if necessary, to send replacements immediately.


With our adjusted shipping costs you will actively save money with every order!
How is this possible? By ordering in our shop, it is possible to adjust the shipping costs in your favour.


Our automated process of updating your inventory and order information will replace many manual processes, allowing you to save time. This automation also significantly reduces errors and allows you to grow your business using our integration.

Your benefits

  • Tyre stock of about 100,000 tyres
  • various brands available immediately
  • fast reaction times to enquiries
  • Good accessibility due to the highway connection

The wholesale business in Dortmund is easy to reach thanks to its central location and the access to the A40 and A45 highways. Orders can be dispatched quickly thanks to the high stock levels and good transport connections. Our warehouse staff works at full speed on the orders to ensure fast delivery times.

Your benefits

Your advantages by using our shop:

Central invoicing

Payments are always guaranteed through our central invoicing and a b2b mandate.

Directly available serviceteam

Thanks to our service team, which is available between 8:00 and 17:00 from Monday to Friday, your concerns can be dealt with as quickly as possible.

No sales surcharges by portals

Due to our own shop, it is possible for you to order tyres without sales surcharges through any portals.


By automating the transmission of shipments, we can ensure a smoother ordering process.

Central invoicing
No sales surcharges

Your benefits

  • Higher availability, also of non-standard products
  • Customer service that handles all concerns about shipments
  • b2b-mandate

How can I get these benefits?

Tyreworld takes over your stocks in its online shop, whereby our customers order your tyres, which are then delivered by you directly to our customer. In this way, it is possible for both sides to increase their sales through the expanded customer base. You can also expand your reach and your customer base with Tyreworld.

Your benefits

Your benefits by using our shop at a glance:

Automate processes

Automatic transmission of order files reduces the error rate.

Shipping costs

Adjusted shipping costs for all countries with better conditions.


Orders without surcharges from the portals.

Contact person

Become part of the network

If you would also like to use the services of our shop, you can contact us at the following address:


For individual enquiries:

The contact form is only for questions to our aftersales Team.
For all other enquiries, the contact area described below can be used.

B. Fuhrmann Einzelhandel GmbH
Brennaborstr. 10
44149 Dortmund

Opening times

  • Mo - Fr: 08am - 5pm
  • Saturday: Closed