Modern technology

Integrate with us! Automatically!

We offer you the possibility of full integration of data. It means not only exchanging stock files from and to our warehouse. The integration also allows making orders through the exchange of files bidirectionally. Integration may revolutionize your way of doing business!


Would you like to start a cooperation with us? Great! Integrate with our system

Replace manual labor with full automatization of price listings and ordering.


Choose the model of cooperation

Sell our products in your store

Offer your clients our stock and sell our tyres in your store.

Integration of our warehouse system with your store will enable cooperation in dropshipping model.

You will automatically download our product catalog as a CSV file and send us your orders in XML file.

Focus on generating sales and let us handle the logistics.

Sell your products in our store

Offer us your products that will be sold in our B2B

Integration of your offer with our store, makes your products available at Tyreworld for thousands of potential customers.

You upload your product stock file as a CSV file, we integrate it into our offer and send you the orders placed by Tyreworld’s customers as XML files.


With integration with our warehouse you can

Save more time

Integration and automatic updating of stock and order data are done without involving you in the process and replaces many manual operations. Supplying your store with thousands of our products or suppying our store with your products, takes only a few minutes and is done automatically by exchanging files.

Reduce errors

Stock quantities, product data and prices downloaded automatically and are always up to date. Invoices and all documents are free from human errors.

Expand your business

Thanks to the integration, your store’s offer will automatically increase by all of our products or your products will be available at Tyreworld for thousands of potential customers. This will translate into increased turnover for your store and automate the processing of more orders in a shorter time.


What can we process automatically?

There are three resources for us to exchange:

Stock file

The files are updated once every 30 minutes. It means that we will collect and send new inventory levels at least once every 30 minutes. It a guarantee of up-to-date data!

Order file

Orders to our company and from your company are prepared in an XML file, which allows for automatic flow of information about orders between our companies.

Waybill numbers file

You can get a list of waybill numbers that left our warehouse daily. You may send your waybill numbers to us automatically as well.

Bidirectional data transfer

Rules of data exchange

We start by creating an FTP account with following directory structure to exchange files: